I Want my Ex Back : why it’s so difficult to let go

Break –ups are a part of life. You may find yourself in love one day and the next the feeling is lost and you want nothing more than to be content and alone. There are times, however, when you realize that maybe breaking up was a mistake and you come to the realization “I want my ex back”. Times like those can be disheartening as you feel the possibility of getting them back is impossible. Here we will discuss how you can get your ex back and start anew.

I Want my Ex Back: the why and the need

The steps to getting your ex back can be easy, if the situation isn’t too complicated; as in they aren’t already with someone new.  If “I want my ex back” is the only thought running through your head on a daily basis, then it’s time you made an effort and did something about it.

If you want to make amends with your ex and start fresh, one of the first steps in getting them back is to make yourself visible and available to them. This isn’t to say, show up all the time everyday where you know they’ll be, it needs to be a little more strategic than that, otherwise you might just scare them off, but at times like these when "i want my ex back" is your priority, you have to give it a shot.i want my ex back 1 I Want my Ex Back : why its so difficult to let go

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I’ve been through the situation myself, when I’ve tried to deny it and finally say aloud “I want my ex back” but didn’t know how I could make it happen. But like most relationships, you still tend to hang out at some of the places you used to go as a couple and the inevitable happens; you run into them.

You may find them hanging out with their friends, of you might even catch them out on a date and believe me, both situations can be incredibly awkward.  Although I did see him out on a date and knew instinctively that it meant he was happy and had moved on I still thought “I want my ex back” and maybe seeing him with someone else was what really made the thought a fact and I decided to figure out a way I could make it happen.

I Want my Ex Back: were your reasons valid for breaking up?

If you’ve ever broken up with someone or have been broken up with, there’s a reason and most likely a good reason you aren’t together anymore. But if you feel the reasons weren’t really worth separating and maybe you are to blame, for being stubborn and not willing to work it out, the decision and certainty that you feel when you say “I want my ex back” might be worth pursuing.

Becoming more available and visible to your ex, even if you don’t speak to each other at that time, is a guaranteed way to get them to start at least thinking about you again and possibly come to the conclusion "i want my ex back". Depending on the situation when you see your ex, it may or may not be a good idea to approach them.  If you see them with someone else you may be too emotional to be able to display a calm friendly and normal greeting. If you approach them and have a meltdown due to insane jealously, well it might just remind them why you aren’t together in the first place. So make a good impression.

If you can handle it well seeing them in person, and enough to make small chat and even open up a little bit as to have you have been doing, you’re on the right track.  Mending fences such as these will take time however, and taking it slow is your best course of action.

I Want my Ex Back: but do you need them back?

Do you really want them back in your life, or is it possible that there are just a few things about them that you miss, and not exactly the bad things.

People tend to think “I want my ex back” but focus only on the good things that took place in the relationship and i want my ex back 2 I Want my Ex Back : why its so difficult to let gonone of the bad.  Why you broke up is a big deal when it comes to someone that thinks “I want my ex back”. Fighting often, issues with money, even abuse can be discarded reasons for why you shouldn’t get back together. Emotions can be too strong when it comes to your ex and your rationalizations go right out the window when all you focus on is the love you miss sharing with them.

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